Ruby Range Fishing Lodge

Put your fishing gear and camera to the test at Ruby Range Wilderness & Fishing Lodge.

Ridge Lake Trapline

Cross to the wild side and come live a Yukon winter experience at Ridge Lake, our remote fly-in trapline.



Log cabin in base camp
Main Lodge

Our base camp consists of a main lodge and 3 log cabins. The solar powered cabins might be rustic looking but they are clean, warm and comfortable. From there, and according to the species wanted, hunters can travel to 7 other outpost log cabins or wall-tents we have established in our area.Log cabin in base camp

Dunedin seldomly allows more than two hunters and guides to share the same outpost cabin at the same time. This is our way of giving each of our customers the individual attention and consideration they deserve.

Our menu is varied and meals are mostly home-made. We are open to special requests as far as dietary restrictions are concerned.

On a regular day, breakfast is served early in the morning in order to make the most use out of daylight. Occasionally, there will be late starts primarily due to the horses. This is never more true than if you depart from an outpost cabin where horses are turned loose to forage each night. Finding them in the morning and getting them back to camp in time does have its charm.