Ruby Range Fishing Lodge

Put your fishing gear and camera to the test at Ruby Range Wilderness & Fishing Lodge.

Ridge Lake Trapline

Cross to the wild side and come live a Yukon winter experience at Ridge Lake, our remote fly-in trapline.

Bear Hunting with Dunedin River Outfitters

Dunedin River Outfitters offers hunters both black bear and grizzly bear hunts. Dunedin River Outfitters boasts a very healthy population of both Grizzly and Black bears. Bears offer hunters a great challenge with their imposing size, sharp sense, evasiveness and ferocity.

During hibernation bears have the ability to slow down their heart rate significantly. When they get injured bears can also do this at will as a defense mechanism against sustained blood loss.

Bears are in the order Carnivora and are large mammels.

British Columbia Bear Hunting

We offer clients the choice of either Grizzly or Black bear.

  • Grizzly Hunting
  • Black Bear Hunting