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Elk Hunting with Dunedin River Outfitters

Moose or Elk Hunt (Year - 2010)

August 15 to August 22: 8 days ................. can. $ 5,250
August 22 to August 31: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 1 to September 10: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 12 to September 21: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 23 to October 2: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 4 to October 13: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 15 to October 24: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 24 to October 31: 8 days ................. can. $ 5,250

Base Cost Includes:

Not Included in Price:

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Rocky Mountain ElkRocky Mountain Elk

The elk, or wapiti (Cervus canadensis) is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest mammals in North America and East Asia. In the deer family (Cervidae), only the moose, Alces alces (called an elk in Europe) is larger, and Cervus unicolor (sambar deer) can rival the elk C. canadensis in size. All are virtually identical to deer found in Europe, which was a strong supporter of a subspecies, however, mitochondrial DNA evidence from 2004 suggests that they are a separate species.

All offers in forest habitat of the next generation, eating grasses, plants, leaves and bark. Although native to North America and East Asia, are well adapted to countries where they are introduced, including New Zealand, Australia and Argentina. His great capacity for adaptation may threaten endemic species and ecosystems that have been introduced.

Male elk have large antlers that fall each year. Males go in ritual mating behaviors during the rut, including attitude, refused to wrestle (fight), and bugling, a loud series of noises dominance over other males and attracts females adopt.

Each sensitive to a variety of infectious diseases, some of which can be passed to livestock. Efforts to infectious diseases of moose populations to eliminate largely through vaccination, have mixed results.

Elk are a very popular big game hunting species in North America, the meat is leaner and higher in protein than beef or chicken.

British Columbia, hunting areasAll belong to the Deer Family, and the second largest species of deer in the world, only the moose are larger.

The Elk came to North America via the Bering land bridge, probably makes more than 10,000 years. During the late Pleistocene fossil remains have been found in Yukon as recently as 1500 years ago.

Before European settlement there may have been as many as 10 million elk in North America, but in the 20th century, almost to the east of the Rocky Mountains elk disappeared. There are a number of elk reintroduced in North America, to restore the species in its original range.

We have a healthy population of elk. The subspecies is the Roosevelt elk, found in our over 3,500 square kilometers of prime hunting territory, Dunedin can satisfy the ambitions of many big game hunters. The Peace Region has some of the biggest elk found in British Columbia.