Ruby Range Fishing Lodge

Put your fishing gear and camera to the test at Ruby Range Wilderness & Fishing Lodge.

Ridge Lake Trapline

Cross to the wild side and come live a Yukon winter experience at Ridge Lake, our remote fly-in trapline.

General Info

Depending on the season, the big game desired and physical capability of our client, our mountain hunts are conducted on a saddle horse and or by foot, while many of our other hunts are conducted with the use of 4x4, boats or ATVs. Trophy hunts can be customized to fit most physical conditions. All our hunts are 2 hunters/1 guide unless otherwise requested. The hunts are based out of one of 7 outpost cabins or our heated wall-tents. Combination hunts are one of our specialties. Moose, elk and bear offer a true "mixed bag" hunting opportunity for several other species.

The land offers these species abundant variety of natural food. Therefore, it's not surprising that some of Dunedin's trophy animals make the Boone and Crocket record book.

Please note that the information concerning number specifics on animals and their distribution within B.C. province, are quotes taken from publications of the Ministry of Environment.