Ruby Range Fishing Lodge

Put your fishing gear and camera to the test at Ruby Range Wilderness & Fishing Lodge.

Ridge Lake Trapline

Cross to the wild side and come live a Yukon winter experience at Ridge Lake, our remote fly-in trapline.


We recommend flying to Fort Nelson airport the pickup point coming in from Calgary, Edmonton or Vancouver.

Dunedin River Outfitters is located at Mile Post 378 on the Alaska Highway #97 approximately 90 minutes west from Fort Nelson, the gateway to the immense wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska.

You can also drive right up to our door from any city in Canada. The roads leading to Dunedin River Outfitters are in excellent condition. We are roughly a 2 day ride from the Canada/USA border. Upon booking a hunt, we can provide you with further travel instructions should you require them.

80 miles (125 km) North-West of Fort Nelson View Larger Map

Driving south from Yukon or north from Fort Nelson to Dunedin River Outfitters, you travel through the so-called Serengeti of North America. The region is so prolific with animals and birds that it's close to impossible not to observe wildlife. If you like to take pictures, we strongly recommend you keep a camera handy.

Many species are frequently seen foraging for food in clearings alongside the highway, lakes and rivers.


When the animals and birds are not present at the rendezvous, one can always seek satisfaction with the scenery.