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Moose Hunting with Dunedin River Outfitters

Dunedin has an great herd of trophy class bulls. Our bulls range from 45 (115 cm) 60 inches (155 cm) with some bulls taken even bigger. We are blessed to have an early season hunt in our region that allows any bull to be taken.

This hunt occurs during the last two weeks of August. We hunt in the wetlands, burns, logged areas, lower parts of the avalanche slopes, subalpine fir and willow areas. Our fighters have an excellent success rate and our trophy animals are known to be high in volume. Our trophy moose hunt start in early September until the end of October. An excellent combination hunt is our moose and elk hunt around Mid-September. We have excellent hunts with a high success rate and our trophy animals are large in size. Hunting methods used are: ground blinds, calls, spotting and stalking.

Moose or Elk Hunt (Year - 2010)

August 15 to August 22: 8 days ................. can. $ 5,250
August 22 to August 31: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 1 to September 10: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 12 to September 21: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
September 23 to October 2: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 4 to October 13: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 15 to October 24: 10 days ................. can. $ 6,500
October 24 to October 31: 8 days ................. can. $ 5,250

Base Cost Includes:

Not Included in Price:

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Mooser are plant eaters and eat a large variety of shrubs and plans. The average adult eats about 9800 calories per day to maintain its body weight.

Moose Hunting Region in Northern British ColumbiaBull moose antlers, which grow and fall off each year, are a distinct characteristic of this species. There are two types of horns are found in calves. Cervicorn type varies from one point of a small fork, with or without additional elements. The type palmicorn has the distinct palm shape with a series of points or projections. In two years nearly all bulls in have small but well developed antlers on their palms. The size of the palm, antler spread and number of teeth increase annually until the bulls in the prime of about six years. After the first year, may be somewhat smaller horns begin to deform.

Although moose has a relatively poor vision they have a keen sense of smell and excellent hearing. Mule-like ears usually can catch the soft sounds of an approaching predator insidious.

They have a large overhanging snout that has self-closing nostrils allowing it to go under water to eat aquatic plants.

Long legs and hooves of moose can be spread by using a variety of difficult terrain, unexpected large dense forest and burned areas through the winter snow, rivers and marshes, wetlands, lakes and swamps.