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Our Area - Peace Region


British Columbia, hunting areas

Dunedin River Outfitters is immersed in the awe and majesty of Peace Region. We are very fortunate to have our base camp nestled in this surreal region. Our entrance borders the notorious Alaska Highway # 97 reputed for being the gateway to the immense wilderness of the Rocky Mountains, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Alaska. With over 3,500 square kilometers of prime hunting territory, Dunedin can satisfy the expectations of many big game hunters.

Peace Region stretches between the Rocky Mountain foothills on the west and the Alberta plains on the east. The rugged region crosses 3 ecological zones from the high alpine peaks and meadows to low lying swamps and aspen forest. In summer, the sky is filled with endless daylight in a venue overflowing with diversity and beauty. In winter, the night time sky is star filled and often brightened up by colorful arrays of dancing northern lights.


View of Dunedin's hunting area.

Peace Region, one of British Columbia's most northern and pristine area, is simply referred to as the Serengeti of North America. The area contains some of the biggest moose and elk in the province. The region is also home to all kinds of wildlife consisting of several species of ungulates: stone sheep, mountain goat, caribou, mule and whitetail deer. In addition, one can find 8 kinds of predators such as lynx, cougars, wolverines, wolves, coyotes, foxes, grizzly bears and black bears.

Plenty of birds like the majestic bald eagles, goshawks, swans and peregrine falcons are also part of the alpine scenery.

The rivers and lakes of Peace Region hold good stocks of Dolly Varden, Arctic Grayling, Northern Pike, Lake and Bull Trout. Many of these fishing holes are just a short driving distance from Dunedin's base camp.

Peace Region holds several well known provincial parks such as Muncho Lake, Stone Mountain and Liard River Hotsprings. The parks are situated only a short hop from Dunedin's base camp. For more info on parks, see the site:

Muncho Lake
Muncho Lake
Stone Mountain
Stone Mountain
Liard River